11 May, 2006

Organization of American States Updated on Suriname

On Wednesday, May 10, 2006, Organization of American States (OAS) Assistant Secretary General Albert R. Ramdin said that the OAS has been consulting with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) and other hemispheric and international institutions to determine how best disaster relief can be coordinated and delivered to the areas in Suriname in most urgent need.

During Wednesday's regular session of the OAS Permanent Council—chaired by St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ambassador Ellsworth John—Suriname’s Alternate Representative to the OAS, Rabinder Lala, gave an update on the situation in his country. The member states’ representatives, meanwhile, conveyed support in particular for those affected, as Suriname grapples with the challenges posed by this latest natural disaster.

Further Information on the OAS meeting

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