12 May, 2006

Suriname Flooding: High Tansportation Costs & Weather Conditions Hampering Relief Efforts

Weather conditions and mud water is making relief operations hard according to our contact with VIDS (The Association of Indigenous Village Leaders in Suriname). VIDS have been tasked with coordination of aid to various locations in the country where about 75 villages are currently underwater as a result of the heavy flooding. Loreen Jubitana from VIDS, sent in the following:

The water levels have still not started decreasing and instead layers of mud have started forming, making it somewhat impossible to drop food supplies from the air. The situation is deteriorating because the afected population depends entirely on ordered aid. We are daily in contact with constant with the NCCR's calamity control team in order to obtain the most recent information. Also, an assessment and a relief requirements' inventory is underway using our association's radio network.

The survivors in these villages urgently need food, drinking water and storage facilities such as duro-tanks for drinking water. The high charge of transportation costs are a major obstacle for delivering aid to where it is most needed since the majortiy of the villages can only be reached by means of air. There is a high chance that the threat of victims getting infected by malaria will increase. In the worst case, this can lead an epidemic. Military troops have now airlifted medical supplies are delivering them to the affected areas.

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