09 May, 2006

Suriname Flooding: Netherlands Launches A National Appeal

Jan Marijnissen, a blogger in the Netherlands, informs us that a national appeal has been launched today by SHO, the umbrella group for Dutch aid agencies to fundraise for the victims of the flooding in Suriname. SHO represents Kerkinactie, People In Need/Cordaid, the Dutch Red Cross, Oxfam Netherlands Organisation for International Development Cooperation, Refugee Foundation, TEAR fund, Terre des Hommes and Unicef Netherlands.

The aid appeal titled "Together for Surinam" will be televised live on May 13th across national channels in the Netherlands. Also A special account and website has been created by SHO where people may send their donations: gironummer 797.
NOTE: Donations should be made payable to SHO Den Haag.

A comment left by one of Jan's readers indicates that earlier on, it was found that the area in which the flooding has happened was prone to such a disaster and that residents had been given several warnings to leave and move to safer lcoations but these warnings were ignored. About 10 minutes ago, on RADIO 10 which is broadcasting in Dutch from Suriname, a minister from the local council has been quoted as saying that the local council there had under-estimated the flooding and that many schools are under water while educational equipment had been destroyed completely. Also destroyed was energy supplies, health care facilites and telecommunication infrastructure along the eareas of Boven-Suriname and the Tapanahony river, which have overflowed their banks and are now flooding into parts of the the South and East of the country while heavy rain has been recorded in the South West of Suriname.

A source with SHO has stressed that at the moment, there was a urgent need for food, water and medecines. He also said that the people who have been evacuated higher areas require emmergency shelter (tents). For more information please call SHO on 030-880-1786 or 062-353-8716.

Earlier today a news report from stated that three children were reportedly missing after flood waters forced thousands to flee their homes in Suriname after heavy rain, it has now been confirmed by the Dutch Press Agency that these three children who were 2-year old girls have drowned in the Paramaccaans area along the Marowijnerivier in the east of Surinam. According to a metrologist in the area, due to last week's extreme rainfall, it is expected that the next five days that even those parts of Suriname which are currently dry have a chance of going under water.

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