15 May, 2006

Suriname Flooding: Update# 6 -- Part 2 from NGO’s Network of Negotiators

The following is the second part of a May 11th update on the situation in Suriname sent by Sharda Ganga who's heading the NGO’s Network of Negotiators in Suriname, an organization that has been coordinating relief efforts at ground level in affected areas eversince the disaster struck in the country.

Thanks to Conchita Leeflang who translated both updates for us from Dutch into English, if you wish to read the first update from Sharda, please click here. The following update contains information on visits by the President of Suriname and the Ambasador of Indonesia and others, the transparency of donations, aid contributions and volunteers:


The President Visited the NCCR today. He reports that he was happy to see that the necessary work is being done. Exact quotes are missing because I did not have my writing material at hand at that moment, and my brains are slowly fading.

Everyone present was pleased with the appreciation of the President, who was greatly informed about all the activities on hand. The press was outside the office, in the bushes, attempting through the open windows, to get some information on tape. And suddenly we had to be completely silent. The President sat on the Lieutenant Colonel Slijgard’s regular seat. And had a long Conversation with prime Minister Balkene from The Netherlands.

You have to understand that since some unsuspected newcomers had to endure the fear for there life if they would ever attempt to sit on that chair. Everyone is first informed about the historic value of that piece of art, and they should be impressed. Even Ambassador of Indonesia paid a visit. And of course the Ministers from the Crisis team would come in often to negotiate and stay informed.

Financial Administration

The financial Administration is completely in tune from today on. Brian Rambharos from IRREACT and Vidja Haarmans from the PAS and Guno Van der Jagt from PAHO, have designed all the systems and forms together with Mr. De backer. It is very impressive, but more important it has all the requirements for transparency and accountability. This department is located in a different room than the Nerve Centre from the NCCR. We are supposed to visit it tomorrow if we are able to find it in the labyrinth of corridors and rooms.


There has been assistance from all parts of life. Monetary as well as material and technical assistance. The latest reports: UNDP donated $80.000 to the UN Country team. The Surinamese business, trade and industry donated goods, Civilians deposited money. The Baptist Church will take charge of some of the flights. I hope that I can give you a good review from the EEA Tomorrow.


Nobody can ever say that Surinamese people don’t have solidarity. After one radio appeal the phone calls were pouring in. Today two places were ready to go. At the PCOS and the Memre Boekoe Kazerne (Military station). Tomorrow-Friday only PCOS. If you want to volunteer you can go there as soon as possible from 9am to 7pm.

May we remind you that the packing and the distribution will take longer to complete. Since the land has been destroyed, there will be no food in place during the coming months.

The Gifts

Again we urge people to give monetary donations, so the goods can be bought in bulk, and it will also create better uniformity. We would get storage problems, as well as distribution problems. And we are at times shocked of the things that we receive Could you please communicate this to everyone you know.

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