16 May, 2006

Tsunami Information Bulletin Issued for Areas in Pacific Basin

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a bulletin saying the quake had not generated a destructive Pacific-wide tsunami but warned it could spawn a small tsunami within 100 kilometers (60 miles) of its epicenter:

Tsunami bulletin number 001
Pacific tsunami warning

Issued at 1059z 16 may 2006
This bulletin is for all areas of the
pacific basin except Alaska - british columbia - washington - oregon -

.... Tsunami information bulletin ...
This message is for information only.

An earthquake
has occurred with these preliminary parameters:

Origin time - 1040z 16 may 2006
Coordinates - 31.5 South 179.3 West
Location - Kermadec Islands Region
Magnitude - 7.5

No destructive pacific-wide tsunami threat
exists based on historical earthquake and tsunami data. However - earthquakes of
this size sometimes generate local tsunamis that can be destructive along coasts
located within a hundred kilometers of the earthquake epicenter. Authorities in
the region of the epicenter should be aware of this possibility and take

This will be the only bulletin issued for this event unless additional
information becomes available. The west coast/alaska tsunami warning center will
issue bulletins for alaska - british columbia - washington - oregon -

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