13 May, 2006

UNDAC Reports on Suriname Water Levels

The UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination team (UNDAC) reports today that the water level in the Tapanahony River and the Lawa River (southeast) rose less than yesterday, but river waters are still rising in most villages. The situation in the Boven Suriname Area (south-central) seems to have stabilized. In some villages (such as Peleloe tepu) the water has declined. A thick layer of mud is left in and around the village. Some villages in the Tapanahony area are completed abandoned now. People have fled to Ga’kaba and Stoelmanseiland. Schools in these villages are functioning as temporary shelters.

UNDAC further reports that while this is the normal rainy season for the interior of Suriname, this quantity of rains this early in the season is unusual. The rise in river levels happened relatively quickly, necessitating families rapid departures from their homes. However, flash flooding has not yet occurred, which accounts for the low casualty number. The Suriname National Coordination Center for Disaster Control (NCCR) reported that this flooding is the first major disaster in recent times in the interior of Suriname and thus the country was not completely prepared for this crisis. The Government of Suriname (GOS) was in the process of developing a national emergency plan when this flooding occurred.

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Blogger hoong said :

On the Dutch TV teletext the following message has been posted:

Expert help lead by Sjaak V. Seen, who also assisted during the flood caused by Katrina in N. Orleans, are in Suriname.

Short term objective: housing and health
Long term objective: investigation on preventive measures for future floodings.

Tonight on Dutch TV channel 2 there will be fund-raising activities for the floods in Suriname.

14 May, 2006 11:27  

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