09 May, 2006

Update From Suriname

Again, from Maya Matawlie (via email):

The National Coordination Center for Disaster Relief NCCR) is the central point for the disaster relieve in Suriname.

The evacuation plan is being executed from the airstrips of the villages of Djumu and Godo Olo. In these villages the relieve camps have been set up.

The army is already in the area.

The size of the disaster and the amount of help that will be needed is not apparent yet.

According to the statistics there are approximately 15,000 people living in the upper Suriname-river area and about 9000 people in the upper Tapanahony area. The villages that have suffered the most damage are :

Botopasi, Pikin Slee and Asindonhopo.

The newsflash that several children have perished is being denied by the Minister of Regional Development.

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