28 June, 2006

Asia tsunami warning system up and running

A tsunami warning system covering the Indian Ocean region is now "up and running", UNESCO has said. The UN organisation, which has overseen the project, says the whole region can now receive and distribute warnings of possible tsunamis.

The system is in place 18 months after the devastating tsunami of December 2004 that killed more than 200,000. The Pacific region has had a system for 40 years and others are planned for the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Koichiro Matsuura, director-general of the UN's scientific and cultural organisation, said the nations involved should be "justly proud of having done all this and much more".

There are 26 national tsunami information centres receiving information from 25 new seismographic stations. There are also three deep-ocean sensors to detect and report tsunamis.

Read the Full Article at BBC News
Read the UNESCO Press Release

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