05 June, 2006

Back to school in Java, but quake survivors need cash

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia, June 5 (Reuters) - Children returned to school for final exams across Indonesia's earthquake-stricken Java island on Monday as survivors, frustrated by a lack of aid, tried to rebuild homes with scraps of wood and salvaged bricks.

The government said it would start handing out compensation for victims to buy clothes and reconstruct their houses, more than a week after the quake killed 5,782 people and left tens of thousands homeless.

An official at the Social Affairs Department said the death toll from the quake had been revised down from the earlier figure of 6,234, but he did not explain why it had been revised.

Many survivors said they did not have the money to buy building materials after the quake, which reduced more than 100,000 homes to rubble.

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