01 June, 2006

Java Quake: Situation Update from Klaten, Bantul & Jogyakarta

We have been informed by a relief volunteer with PMI that The airport in Yogyakarta has opened for Humanitarian Relief. He says that the government urges all to make use of this airport and to avoid using Solo as the road is congested and hampers relief efforts. The following is a brief update of th situation in Klaten, Bantul and Jogyakarta which we have obtained from the one of the relief teams we're in touch with on the ground in Indonesia:

in Klaten:

The local hospital, which has a 300-bed capacity, is currently hosting 500 victims, 200 of which are installed in two badly-arranged wards. The local authorities have asked for medical and surgical reinforcement in order to improve the situation.

in Bantul:

50 % of the houses (mainly one floor houses) have been destroyed. The local hospital has not been affected by the disaster, but it is overcrowded. (150 to 200 patients per day, 800 persons admitted for 150 beds). 8 field hospitals have been installed in the area by the Indonesian authorities, with a simple but efficient organisation. This mechanism has already proved useful during the tsunami. Medecins du monde will reinforce the personnel of the hospital.

in Jogyakarta:

The hospital seems to be saturated, but it is not asking for reinforcement.The teams on site try to facilitate a better management of hospitals by setting up dispensaries and developing sanitary assistance.

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