17 June, 2006

Severe floods in Assam, India

From the Times of India: Army on standby as floods worsen in Assam
The Indian Army was on Saturday put on standby in Assam where floods have marooned 30,000 people besides killing 16 and displacing 530,000.


Eleven people have died in Assam and some 520,000 were left homeless with floodwaters inundating their homes.

Five people were killed in Tripura state where some 10,000 were displaced earlier in the week due to flooding.

Officials said heavy mudslides have blocked the lone highway linking the landlocked Tripura state with the rest of India.
From IBN Live:
Severe flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains has submerged nearly 900 villages in the state, affecting five lakh [ed: 500,000] people.


"We have put into service 60 wooden boats, taking relief to these people right on the Bangladesh border, and we have requested the army to have their motor boats ready in case the water level rises again," said district magistrate Anurag Goel.

Southern districts of Assam have been cut off from the rest of the country for nearly a week with rail, road and communication links snapped after heavy mudslides blocked highways and railroad tracks.
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