04 June, 2006

UN worried about shelter in Indonesia quake zone

Scientists said another major quake was unlikely to happen soon but the new jolts frayed nerves across the disaster zone, where the UN said building materials were urgently needed to provide shelter.

Officials also warned that while food and medicines were reaching the needy, a lack of toilets was raising fears of disease as waste was exposed openly in many areas.

"It's not a very exciting subject but it's absolutely vital," said Charlie Higgins Sunday, the UN's area relief coordinator in the quake zone. "There's no 'Latrines Sans Frontieres.'"

As the homeless braced for a ninth night out in the open, struggling in makeshift shelters, he said the survivors needed tools and supplies to build better living quarters as soon as possible.

"There is obviously a big shortfall in the amount of materials ... that have been given out and that are in the pipeline," he told АFР after an aid coordination meeting in Yogyakarta, the main city in the quake zone.

Read it on BakuToday.

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