26 December, 2006

Taiwan / China - Tsunami Monitoring Brief

Reports coming out of Taiwan now state that one person has been killed and three are injured.
There was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake , 10 km deep in Taiwan at 1226 GMT i.e. 2026 local time - approximately two hours ago. The epicentre is 91 km from Kao- Hsuing, the nearest city in Taiwan. Because the earthquake is of such a high magnitude and so shallow it has a major potential for causing major damage and casualties. However, this is mitigated by the distance from the nearest city ( 91 km) , which is quite a lot and the fact that Taiwan has very good earthquake codes in the construction of its urban buildings.

Huang Jianfa who is the Director of the China Earthquake Administration in Beijing has informed international search and resuce teams (these teams include: EMERCOM - Russia, Rescue + Assistance Foundation - Thailand, JICA, IRC - UK) who are monitoring the isutation and on stand by for deployment that the situation at the time was not seen as a major crisis and they were not at this point contemplating placing their USAR team on alert. In their opinion, the area is prone to earthquakes and because of the factors outlined earlier, he did not think it would result in a situation that required international assistance.

(Source: China Earthquake Administration via relief workers stationed in Bejing)

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