13 January, 2007

Tsunami Waves Small - No Injuries Reported

Small tsunami waves have hit northern and eastern Japan after a powerful north Pacific earthquake prompted tsunami warnings for northern and eastern Japan, Russia and Alaska.
Tsunami watches were also issued for parts of the Pacific, including Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hawaii. A 40-centimetre wave has been reported at Chichijima in the Ogasawara islands, 1,200 km south of Tokyo. Several smaller waves hit Hokkaido and northern Japan but there have been no reports of injuries and no immediate reports of damage.

Japan has downgraded the tsunami warning to a "watch". It had earlier issued evacuation advisories for tens of thousands of households in the country. The US Geological Survey put the quake magnitude at 7.9, a "major" tremor, and said its epicentre was 525 kilometres east of the Russian-controlled Kuril islands.

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