02 April, 2007

All Tsunami Warnings & Watches - Now Cancelled

Tsunami bulletin number 008 issued at 0405z 02 apr 2007

The tsunami warning and watch are cancelled for all coastal areas and islands in the pacific outside of alaska - british colombia - Washington - oregon - california. Those areas should refer to messages from the west coast and alaska tsunami warning center.

An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters

origin time - 2040z 01 apr 2007
coordinates - 8.6 south 157.2 east
location - solomon islands
magnitude - 8.1

Measurements or reports of tsunami wave activity

gauge location lat lon time ampl per
------------------- ----- ------ ----- --------------- -----
kings wharf fj 18.1s 178.4e 0207z 0.04m = 0.1ft 38min
port kemblao au 34.5s 150.9e 0244z 0.05m = 0.2ft 14min
vanuatu vu 17.8s 168.3e 0124z 0.15m = 0.5ft 22min
cape ferguson au 19.3s 147.1e 0135z 0.11m = 0.4ft 12min
manus pg 2.0s 147.4e 0040z 0.09m = 0.3ft 40min
honiara sb 9.4s 160.0e 2308z 0.20m = 0.6ft 62min

lat - latitude (n=north, s=south)
lon - longitude (e=east, w=west)
time - time of the measurement (z = utc = greenwich time)
ampl - tsunami amplitude measured relative to normal sea level.
it is ...not... Crest-to-trough wave height.
it is ...not... Crest-to-trough wave height.
values are given in both meters(m) and feet(ft).
per - period of time in minutes(min) from one wave to the next.


Sea level readings indicate a tsunami was generated. Ptwc has received reports of tsunami related fatalities from the solomon islands and from papua new guinea. No tsunami threat exists for other coastal areas in the pacific although some other areas may experience small sea level changes. For all areas the tsunami warning and tsunami watch are cancelled. This will be the final bulletin issued for this event unless additional information becomes available.

The japan meteorological agency may also issue tsunami messages for this event to countries in the northwest pacific and south China sea region. In case of conflicting information the more conservative information should be used for safety.

Source: Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

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