03 April, 2007

Solomon Islands Tsunami: Assistance Needed in Rarumana

Jonathon who is the PFNet operator at Rarumana, just sent the following to us:
The situation is not stable at the moment. We're experiencing quakes every few minutes. Sea level is still very low at the moment. No one is injured/dead (in this area). Many houses re-arranged, lay around, that needs to be re-build. These were not safe for people to live in, as they might collapse at any strong shake. All the people were moved up to higher grounds as from yesterday morning and I do believe that tent is very much needed for shelter at this time.

While, Wagina's PFNet operator, Chris wrote in to say that:
Here at Wagina, nothing much so serious as we were not really affected by the past tsunami. Yesterday experiencing very very high tide after an earth quake which last for about 2 minutes. Water flows from rivers in and out very strong. Nearby areas mainly at South Choiseul are really in need of assistance.

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