02 April, 2007

Solomon Islands Tsunami: Update#2 from Georige Herming

George Herming who is blogging live on the PMC's (Prime Minister and Cabinet) portal from the Government Communications Division in the Solomon Islands just sent us another update on the situation via e-mail when asked whether international assistance is required:
The government is currently sending a team to assess the aftermath and identify possible areas that need. Immediate attention. At this stage, planning is awaiting a report from the team who are now on the ground in affected areas. I will give you more updates as soon as they unfold.
The death toll has now reached 12 while rescue efforts have been hampered by huge waves which has prevented local rescue groups from retrieving bodies and missing people buried under rubble. Emergency shelter in the form of tents, food and water supplies are being immediately dispatched to affected areas through the DMC (Disaster Management Council) and other agencies actively responding this this disaster.

George's latest updates can be viewed here (Prime Minister's broadcast to the nation on the disaster recovery efforts) and here (death toll rising and aid hampered).

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