19 August, 2007

Oxfam Reports Rural Situation in Peru "Desperate"

Following last Wednesday's earthquake in Peru, thousands of persons in the rural regions are in desperate need of water, sanitation, and building materials for refuge, according to international NGO Oxfam.
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Blogger KayKat said :

CARE has details about damage and most immediate needs:

"In Tambo de Mora, southwest of Chincha, CARE assessment teams report that 90 percent of homes were affected and health posts have collapsed. In communities in Huaytará and Casrtorvirreyna further inland -- located in Huancavelica, the poorest department of Peru -- an estimated 40 percent of homes have collapsed and survivors have no access to clean water. Thirty transport buses blocked by landslides have compounded the serious shortage of water and food in the area. There are also reports of homes destroyed in the lower parts of Ayacucho department, and CARE is currently assessing needs in these areas."

20 August, 2007 23:33  

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