18 August, 2007

Peru Quake: Field Update from Telecoms Sans Frontiers, Communications Being Restored

The following update was recevied via email from Telecoms Sans Frontiers (TSF) in affected areas of Peru:

INDECI have an emergency logistics base near the airport in Pisco which is a 6-person Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).
and have ongoing HF radio communcation with Lima. Mobile phones are working but not 100%. TSF have installed a telecommunications centre for the EOC, NGOs and the UN. Facilities provided are a Wireless internet connectivity via a BGAN Internet connection, laptops, fax and printers.

In Chincha, INDENCI has a 2-person EOC with 2 radio operators at the Biblioteca de la Plaza de Armas. Chincha's EOC is cut off from Lima in terms of radio communications and mobile phones are working but not completely. Earlier on there was no
nternet, PCs or electricity but TSF have noe installed a communications centre for the EOC, NGOs and UN agencies operational in the area along with wireless internet connectivity using a BGAN Internet connection, laptops and the provision of faxing capacity.

In Coordination with INDECI for electrical power, the head of the department in Ica is equipped with 1 Globalstar SatPhone + 2 staff from INDECI and a telecoms center supported by TSF. Free phone calls are also offered for the population in the affected areas. TSF draws NGO and aid agencies' attention the fact that there seems to be no water or food available in these affected areas.

If anyone needs or knows of quake-affected areas where communication facilities have been destroyed, please get in touch with the TSF field team via email on peru(at)

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