16 August, 2007

Peru Quake: Update from Director of National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI)

The following information on the death toll, persons injured and damage in affected areas, was received via SMS from the Operations Director of INDECI (National Institute of Civil Defense):

337 dead
827 wounded
377 houses destroyed
2 hotels destroyed
2 health centres and two hospitals affected
National USAR team of 40 staff has been deployed to Ica to assist the local rescue teams.

First hand situational reports via SMS and Skype state that the power and phone lines are down in the Ica Province but are functional and working fine in Lima. The worst affected areas are the towns of Ica, Pisco and Chiancha Alta and the port town of Callao. According to the Operations Director of INDECI (Civil Defense), the assessment teams are facing limitations due to power outages for assessing the situation on the field. At the moment in Ica and Pisco, power lines have been affected and there are no lights or light equipment which is causing difficulties in a complete search of the area. Despite current conditions, the latest official figures which we have been provided with, indicate an increase in the number of casualties in the area.

The above information was confirmed by INDECI at 0230 local time on August 16th

Source: INDECI

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