11 May, 2008

Call for Emergency Volunteers by Australian Aid International

AAI (Australian Aid International) is seeking expressions of interest for persons wishing to volunteer to aid the relief effort in Burma. Suitable qualified and experienced people who have skills that would be beneficial to the AAI’s aid effort are encouraged to apply.

Suitable skills include but not limited to:

* Doctors
* Nurses
* Medics
* Public Health Specialists
* Engineers
* Builders
* IT Specialists
* Communication Specialists
* Logisticians
* Managers
* Community Development Specials

Important notes from the AAI website regarding this call for volunteers:

  • In order to be successful candidates must also complete a AAI Introduction to Humanitarian Operation Course prior to deployment as a volunteer.
  • Those wishing to apply can download the application form here.
  • AAI we will only reply to those persons who are short listed for the Burma response
  • Positions will be dependant on approval to enter Burma
  • More information is available on +613 8625 0005 or via e-mail to info AT

Source: AAI's website & ReliefWeb

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

this is such a horrible catastrophe.

11 May, 2008 03:46  

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