08 May, 2008

Field Report From MSF's Website

"People tell stories of spending the night of the cyclone hanging on to trees all night long, while watching their villages being destroyed."
The full report can be read here.

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Blogger sunil said :

The help groups are trying their best but to reach supplies like food,medicines, clothes to marroned areas united nations and local govt should do air dropping by pressing into service choppers and relief planes.
I have experienced similar situation in flooded areas of Basti districe in India in 1998 when army came for recue operations.Needless to say beareucratic and political red tapism take lot of time for calling in help from whatever sources,There should be global treaty irrespective of warring or friendly nations --to rush in all sorts of help without waiting for affected nations call for help during natural calamities as innocent citizens are put to such harrowing time because of political delays and many days have gone by yet no such relief is visible

09 May, 2008 17:22  

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