16 May, 2008

Google LatLong: Imagery for Sichuan, China Earthquake

The Google Earth and Maps Team now has post-earthquake satellite imagery of Sichuan, China and the surrounding area. Google LatLong: Imagery for Sichuan, China Earthquake . The first scenes captured the rescue effort to assess and repair dam damage near Dujiangyan City" and were obtained from NSPO, Taiwan's national space agency. The images will be updated on a regular basis and can be viewed using Google Earth. which is free.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

I agree! Satellite imagetry was crystal clear, up close and quite personal in recent storm damage in the USA. First there was a map tracking storms in several states, Mississippi, Tennessee, ...; there were camera icons that when clicked - instantantly vivid photos appeared as if I had taken them myself.

Original written material and URLs are assets at .

17 May, 2008 22:24  
Anonymous retsu782000 said :

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19 May, 2008 04:00  
Blogger mygarfield said :

Is very sad to see that soo many people died in this disaster.

That's not much we can do, but to pray for them.

Thanks for the pics.

20 May, 2008 07:42  
Blogger terrytip said :

Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days

20 May, 2008 17:34  
Blogger Robert said :

It is so very sad to have to see this in our time. We need to do more to prevent this disaster.


21 May, 2008 01:16  
Blogger Vince said :

Good stuff, thanks for the links.

21 May, 2008 07:43  
Blogger said :

Thanks for posting this image. It really puts the magnitude of the quake in perspective.

23 May, 2008 03:56  
Blogger Fabio the computer guy said :

It's good to see Google trying to do it's bit to help out and promote the awareness of the problem.

23 May, 2008 17:00  
Blogger shawn said :

The Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuary, a cherished World Heritage site and home to 30% of the world’s remaining pandas, was damaged by the quake. Check out (a grassroots initiative created by the United Nations Foundation with Expedia, Inc. and UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre) to see how you can help save the pandas.

30 May, 2008 14:33  
Blogger BrennanMoy said :

Google earth never ceases to amaze! Neither does google for that matter....

07 August, 2008 05:12  
Anonymous Chris Bliss said :

Just in case anyone is interested, there's an upcoming webinar, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce, on the sustainable rebuilding of Sichuan's schools. It should be an interesting perspective.

17 September, 2008 22:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I found an interesting website that shows research on this theory of earthquake prediction by measuring electromagnetic signals at various stations in California:

19 November, 2008 15:31