10 May, 2008

IDP Camp Update from UNICEF - Key Figures Released

Following assessment teams returning from affected areas, the following WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) update was released by the UNICEF in Burma during an IASC (Inter-Agency Standing Committee) meeting last night. Of the key figures released regarding IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in affected areas, 10,000 have been relocated as camps are too crowded and it is unclear as to how many IDPs have voluntarily relocated nor their distance while a chlorine producing factory is now operational and sanitation efforts have been initiated.

20,000 people living in 50 temporary “camps”
Pyapon: 16,000 people are living in 31 camps. In one of them, 5 latrines are shared by 3500 people.
Labutta: 150,000 people living in 117 camps.
Mawlamayinegyun: 50 percent of the villages have been destroyed and 20,000 people are living in 20 camps.

Urgent Needs:
Key problems with water supplies are that ponds are filled with dead bodies and cannot be used, and aquifers are saline. Normal water purification processes will not suffice in such circumstances. Buckets are one of the main needs and about 50,000 have been produced locally, but the need exists for 500,000 buckets.

UNICEF Contact Information for Donors:

Emergency WASH Specialist (based in Bangkok) - Roberto Saltori
Tel: +66 2356 9237 / E-Mail: rsaltori AT

Source: UNICEF, May 10th IASC & Regional Cluster Lead Meeting

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