12 May, 2008

Updates coming in

Most reports are of high-rise buildings being evacuated in Beijing and Shanghai and not much news coming out of Sichuan Province. Times Now has images of buildings being evacuated in Beijing which is almost 1000 km away from the Sichuan province. The buildings swayed for about two minutes. [I got this image off TV]

More pictures here and here.

No damages are being reported yet. Telephone lines are disrupted in the Sichuan region. The region is primarily agricultural, a mountaneous region, and is populated by Tibetans and Chinese - a total of 10 million people.

No tsunami warning by Japan's meteorological department.

Here's a video of the tremor felt in Beijing by Michelle Christensen.

Check out @Scobleizer on twitter for latest news - he's done a good job of collating the news as it broke.

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