04 September, 2008

Bihar floods - CASA's response

Forwarded by Nisha Purushothaman of IFP


CASA is registered as a Society under the Societies’ Registration Act XXI of 1860 and has a history of responding to emergencies and disasters since 1947 and is mandated to work in a purely secular manner in all spheres of its programme activities including humanitarian assistance programmes. CASA’s response is regardless of considerations of caste, creed, language, religion, ethnic origin or political affiliation.

In response to the current devastating flood situation in Bihar, we have mobilised a team of 30 staff members and volunteers with vehicle and other logistical support to render relief assistance in Supaul and Madhepura districts. The relief measures that we plan to undertake are as follows:

Relief Distribution:

Ready to Eat Food: 5000 families in the affected area of Bihar, will be provided with ready to eat food i.e. 1 Kg Jaggery (molasses) and 10 Kg Flattened Rice, as an immediate response.

Dry Ration: 10000 dry ration kits will be provided to the affected families in Bihar. Each kit will consist of 10 kgs Rice, 2 kgs Lentil, 1 litre Edible Oil, 1 kg Salt, 200 gms Chilli Powder & 200 gms Turmeric powder.

Household articles: 10000 relief sets will be provided in Bihar. Each set will consist of the following items:
• 1 Woolen blanket
• 1 Dhoti
• 1 Saree
• 12 pcs. of Aluminum Utensils
• 1 Cotton floor mat
• 1 Bed sheet
• 4 meters of cotton (Markin) Cloth
• Plastic containers (10 litre each) for storage of water
• Cotton Wool Roll (250 gm.)
• 5 pieces of Gamcha (towel)

Plastic Sheet: 10000 pieces of plastic sheets (Size 15” x 12” of 170 GSM) will be provided to erect immediate temporary shelter for the families who have lost almost everything in the flood waters. These sheets will also provide the women with the much needed privacy during this crisis period.

Transit Shelters: CASA proposes to construct 625 transit shelters using locally available resources like bamboo, GCI sheets, bamboo mats, ropes and basic hardware materials like nails etc. in the affected areas, which will house 2500 affected families. The proposed shelter will be of dimensions 15ft x 40ft. and will have four equal compartments of 10ft x 15ft each to house four families. Therefore 625 shelters will provide accommodation for 2500 families.

Latrines: It is proposed to set up 625 field latrine units along with the transit shelters to cater to the sanitation needs of 2500 affected families. Each unit of the latrine with consist of 4 toilets, i.e. one for each family.

After the initial assessment by the senior level staff of CASA, meetings were held with the local partners and institutional heads of the partner organisations to share the assessment, formulating the response needs, operational strategies and finalization of locations for our response. The programme will be implemented directly by CASA in collaboration with local partners. The CASA Delhi headquarter will coordinate the overall operation which includes expertise in disaster response, logistics and emergency communications.

The total cost of appeal made by CASA to its donors is US $ 1.76 Million. This is however not a commitment and our response would be directly proportionate to the quantum of funds that are made available by our resource sharing partners against this initial appeal.

We will continue to maintain close contact with the Government at Central, State and Districts level and also collaborate with the State Inter Agency Group Coordination Mechanism to ensure that the relief work is undertaken meaningfully and without overlap or duplication. We look forward to close and good cooperation of all concerned in our common mission to urgently respond to the needs of the flood victims of Bihar.


For More information on CASA’s Humanitarian Assistance to Bihar Flood Victims Please visit

CASA (Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action)
Rachna Building, 2 Rajendra Place, Pusa Road,
New Delhi - 110008
Ph: (+91 11) 25730611, 25730612, 25731218,
25731219, 25761579, 25767231
Fax: 011-25752502

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