23 November, 2005

The World Wide Help Group

Many of the people behind the SEA-EAT (South East Asian Earthquake And Tsunami) - TsunamiHelp blog, wiki and similar projects [MumbaiHelp, Cloudburst Mumbai, Katrina Help blog and wiki, Rita Help blog and wiki, South Asia Quake Help blog, wiki and SMS Quake] have got together in a single group.

The idea is that any time there's a disaster, any member of the group can alert the a ready-made team, all of them with experience in the field, enthusiasm and goodwill, and request help to get something going.

Once the actual project takes shape, the individuals involved may decide to form a separate coordination group to run things.

The other part of the agenda is that we can exchange info, learn from the things we did wrong, and get better each time the sad, but inevitable happens.

Group Page:

Group description:
General newsgroup and rallying point for power bloggers, wiki experts, database adepts, etc, for calls to action and volunteers to provide information post-disasters.
Will also be used to exchange information in more peaceful times, so we can all learn from our experiences.

Join This Group question:
Please tell us which online relief efforts you have participated in, and your strengths (eg. blogging, wikis, databases, tech innovation, hosting, sponsorship, etc).

Go here to send in a join request.


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