13 September, 2007

Indonesia Quake: All tsunami warnings cancelled - Updates from OCHA regional offices

Via e-mail briefs from the UN OCHA offices in Indonesia and Geneva:

All tsunami warnings have now been cancelled including the recent alerts of last night by the Indonesian Metro Office. A team from Banda Aceh comprising OCHA and UN staff is en route to the affected area for inital assessment. A ministerial team is also enroute to assess the situation.

No official reports of damage or casualties have been received. However, local media, reports extensive damage to buildings, including tourist hotels in Jambi and Padang . Padang electricity is out in several locations and telephone connections disrupted, according to local media reports. Offical numbers of casualties stand at 7 people. This is expected to be updated later today. OCHA Geneva has alerted the Asia/Pacific UNDAC team as a cautionary measure.

A UN flight has already left Aceh to Bengkulu with staff from UNORC, UNICEF, WHO & WFP. Coordinating Minister for Peoples Welfare (Menko Kesra), Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of Information and Communication, and Chief Executive of BAKORNAS (Nation Coordination Agency for Disaster Management) reached Bengkulu this morning at 10:00 am local time.

According to Bapak Hasyan Kasyim, the Head of Bureau for Social Welfare of SATKORLAK, in Jambi there has been no significant damage. People panicked and rushed to go out from buildings. Only small numbers of houses have cracks on the walls. In Jelingsi District, some electricity poles were moved without damaging the electricity supply to the people. This has also confirmed by Jeong, Disaster Management Coordinator of IFRC who sent a team last night to Bengkulu.

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