26 December, 2006

Tsunami Info Alert - Quake With 7.1 Magnitude Hits Taiwan

A few minutes ago the PTWC (Pacific Tsunami Warning Center) issued a Tsunami Information Bulletin for Taiwan where an earthquake with a magnitude of of 7.2 struck in the Taiwan region, approximately, 91 km SSE of Kao-hsiung, 120 km SSW T'ai-tung and 137 km SSE of T'ai-nan in Taiwan and 802 km N away from Manila in the Philippines. This quake has been evaluated as posing no destruction as a Pacific-wide Tsunami based on historical quake and tsunami data.

However, earthquakes of this size sometimes generate local tsunamis that can be destructive along coasts located within a hundred kilometers of the earthquake epicenter. Authorities in the region of the epicenter are aware of this possibility and are taking appropriate action.

The Japan meteorological agency may also issue tsunami messages for this event to countries in the northwest pacific and south china sea region. In case of conflicting information, this has been classified as
more conservative information which should be used for safety.

Source: (PTWC)

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