07 May, 2008

Labutta, Burma, Union of Myanmar Residents Suffering after Cyclone

Struggling to breathe through the overpowering smells, residents of the Irwaddy delta town of Labutta wrapped layers of cloth around their faces and rubbed in balm to mask the odour. Death pervades this town so completely that many said they cannot sleep because ghosts of the cyclone victims torment them. One said: “We can’t sleep at night, because we can hear people shouting at night. Maybe these are the ghosts of the villagers."

One man said of the desperate survivors arriving from villages that had been wiped out: “The people have no emotion left on their faces. They have never seen anything like this before. They have lost their families, they have nowhere to stay, and they have nothing to eat. They don’t know what the future will bring. " Read the entire story

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