18 August, 2007

Situation Improving Very Slowly After Peruvian Quake

Peru has now suffered 28 aftershocks of 4.5 or greater following Wednesday's 8.0 magnitude earthquake near the coast of central Peru. Aid has been rushing in to the country, and today further progress was made in getting that aid into the affected area. There is a report early this evening that the town of CaƱete has received no aid at all. In Ica, light and power is slowly being restored, and 38 cistern tanks, each containing 2,500 litres of water, is available. There is hope that tonight electricity will be restored to Chincha. A complete field hospital arrived at the Lima airport at 6:00 local time this evening from the United States, and will be set up and serving the injured in Pisco by tomorrow morning.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

It is interesting that earthquakes happen in a cyclic manner..japan to indonesia, south america and finally somewhere on or off the west coast of n.america..i think that before christmas 2007 we will see a big one either Mexico or w coast of US.

22 August, 2007 17:42  

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