08 May, 2008

Help wanted

If you know someone in Myanmar/Burma, could you help us get in touch with them? We would like information about the situation, and, ideally, people in the country who could join us on the blog (and perhaps a wiki if we need one).

We'd like to hear from people with reliable NGOs, secular charities, even in government or administration. The kind of information we are looking for is what the scale of destruction is, what emergency supplies and essential commodities are most needed, where money could be most effectively donated, organisations that need volunteers (many are willing to fly to Myanmar at their own cost, for instance), and so on.

Leave a comment here, please, with some form of contact information so we can get back to you.

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Blogger Publia said :

No telephone, no electricity, no roads in the delta. No drinking water. We will be waiting a while for any word.

08 May, 2008 17:02  
Blogger Monica said :

There's a petition at Avaaz, which is raising funds for the International Burmese Monks Organization.

09 May, 2008 11:48  
Blogger Kyaw Myaing said :

Dear Sir,

I am the President of the Myanmar Youth Association. Professor Win Win Kyi is the co-founder and Vice-President.

We are non-political, non-religious and non-profit.

We do humanitarian work in the Education sector and we have contacts in Myanmar among the civilian population, among the government staff, in the military and among the students.

We are able to keep and maintain these contacts because we make sure that we visit the country every year and make sure that we do not attack any government official, any political organization or association and we know how to keep our focus on the humanitarian work.

I came across one group of Burmese who are doing excellent work. They are called the Moegyo group and you can see their link here:

Our association MYA have sent more than 60,000 books to Myanmar by ship since our founding. We were able to do this with the money and voluntary help from Americans who wish to help our people.

You can see our website at:

I am a retired government servant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and therefore have many contacts in that ministry. I retired in 1988 to work in the UN system and now work as an Information Management and Knowledge Management consultant.

In this humanitarian endeavor, we feel that all Burmese scattered all over the world should unite as ONE and do whatever they can (one grain of sand or one tiny brick - as the Burmese saying goes) to help in this effort with genuine cetana.

This is not the time to shout at the top of one's voice "who loves the country most" but to show by example and concrete, transparent efforts what we ALL have done, what we ALL plan to do for the sake of the PEOPLE.

All people within the government, among the population and all Burmese abroad should show unity and conviction and courage to work together as ONE to overcome all the
challenges we may face in the days, months and years ahead.

Time if of the essence and we are very grateful that you have contacted us.

Yours sincerely,

Kyaw Myaing
MYA - Myanmar Youth Association

11 May, 2008 12:59  
Blogger Pamposh said :

This comment has been removed by the author.

12 May, 2008 02:09  
Blogger Pamposh said :

Hi. You can donate to a group of monks working inside Myanmar through

12 May, 2008 02:15  

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