10 May, 2008

Important Logistics Information for Aid Cargo Clearance in Burma

The UNJLC (UN Joint Logistics Center) have provided important and useful documentation required for aid cargo and & related-logistics clearance in Burma for relief agencies and they are now available for pro-bono usage at the Myanmar Logistics Cluster website. Some of the documents linked to below are either in PDF or Zip formats and can be downloaded by right clicking and saving link as (or saving target as for the IE browser).

Key Documents

1. Air Cargo - Planning Arrival Form
2. Air Transport Procedures
3. Logistics & Planning Map (Flood Overview of Affected Areas)
4. Coordinates for Air Fields & Helipads

According to the UNJLC, the information required in the forms above and those available on the Logistics Cluster website will assist the teams at the participating airports responding to relief efforts in Burma to plan for the adequate unloading facilities (labor, equipment, etc.) while the the final destination of aid shipments will enable them to plan what kind of forwarding transport is required in country (boats/trucks). Once the relevant forms have been filled, aid agencies are requested to communicate details via e-mail or phone to the Logistics Cluster.

Logistics Cluster Contacts

Cluster Lead: Paul Wyatt- paul.wyatt AT / 0095048701
Bangkok: Rachida Rabdelli - abdelli.rachida AT / +66 0817925635
Rangoon: Theo Lingens - theo.lingens AT

WFP Regional Office:
Matthew Hollingworth - matthew.hollingwoth AT / +66 813635832
Kevin Howley - kevin.howley AT / +66 813635573
Elena Rovaris - elena.rovaris AT / +66 817925591

Source: UNJLC

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