13 May, 2006

Flooding Forces Surinamese to Flee to French Guiana, Brazil

More than 3,000 Surinamese citizens from the southern part of Suriname, devastated by the recent flooding, have been forced to flee over the border into both French Guiana and Brazil. With many of the villages in the affected area submerged under 2 meters of water, it is estimated that nearly all farms and two-thirds of livestock and other personal property have been destroyed.
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Anonymous Taran said :

Interesting... when 'civilization' fails, nomads cross 'civilized borders'...

Truth be told, if I were an Amerindian in the region, I probably wouldn't be too concerned with borders because my forefathers would have been there before Europeans drew lines on pieces of paper...

I'd really like to hear what the Amerindians have to say about this. Their view on this would really be priceless... maybe telling us a lot more about our own world than a lot of other things we pay attention to.

13 May, 2006 16:23  

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