11 May, 2008

UNDAC & WFP Appeal for Warehousing Facilities, Uplift Equipment & Transportation

The following is an urgent appeal for uplift equipment, warehousing facilities and transportation to affected areas from Dr. Jemilah Mahmood who is the UNDAC Head of Relief Operations in Burma:

Today, all the flights and aid consignments have safely arrived and cleared to the individual agencies with no difficulty. There is an urgent need for warehousing facilities, transportation to the affected areas and "uplift" equipment as the one (being currently) used is faulty and may delay transfer of goods out of the planes. If there is anyone out there who can provide the "uplift" equipment, please contact the logistics cluster urgently. Thank you.

Contacts for Logistics Cluster (Led by WFP):

Deployed In-Country
Logistics Lead - Paul Wyatt / paul.wyatt AT
Logistics Officer - Theo Lingens / theo.lingens AT / +95048701

Deployed to Bangkok
Logistics Officer - Kevin Howley / kevin.howley AT / +39 3405605726
Matthew Hollingworth / matthew.hollingwoth AT / +66 813635832
Rachida Rabdelli / abdelli.rachida AT / +66 0817925635
Elena Rovaris / elena.rovaris AT / +66 0817925591

Source: UNDAC/ECHO team in Yangon

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Blogger Cynthia's Blog said :

I am HAPPY to donate, and we do through our church. Question: Is the help really getting there or is the Military Dictatorship lining the pockets of themselves or their cronies?

12 May, 2008 04:01  
Blogger ange Embuldeniya said :

Hi Cynthia,

On Aid delivery, yes it is really going to areas where help is most needed, I would suggest that you give to local NGOs (ex: ShelterBox, YMCA, YMBA, etc.) or International aid agencies who have teamed up with their local partners on the ground such as IRFC, Oxfam, CARE, UNICEF & Save the Children, WFP, etc.

12 May, 2008 07:45