16 August, 2007

Ica, Peru Reported as "Destroyed"

Early reports about Ica, Peru, following the August 15, 2007 earthquake are grave, recounting total disaster. Hundreds of persons are reported as missing, some families have lost everything, and 70-80% of the houses in are in ruins. Civil Defense Commander Aristides Mussio, speaking on Peru's state television station, said that 336 have been killed in the region of Ica. Deputy Health Minister Jose Calderon called the situation in Ica "dramatic."

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Blogger peruvianpaso said :

My Good friend and horse trainer is from Ica. He is of course -devistated. I know he is concerned about his family and friends. Do you know of any means of getting funds or help directly to Ica?

17 August, 2007 06:20  
Blogger Publia said :

I think the best way might be by the Catholic charity, Caritas, in Peru. The website is here: They take funds by credit card and bank transfer. The Papal Nuncio in Peru has requested donations through Caritas, and the Church has an existing network unlike any other charity. Caritas is worldwide, so it is possible that by contacting your local Caritas, you can limit your funds to Ica.

If you have a local contact and are in communication with them, I would suggest Western Union which I have had good luck with in the past. If you go to their website, they will show where money can be collected in Peru.

It is possible that Catholic churches will have a collection this and next Sunday for Caritas; they are doing so in Peru.

17 August, 2007 18:53  

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